Hannah Woodmansy

I wanted to try CrossFit after speaking to a few friends who were members at Barbaric. I was going to Circuit training classes and using the gym at the Leisure Centre at the time and not really feeling like i’d done a proper workout when i’d left, and wasn’t seeing any physical changes.

I remember doing my fundamentals with Simon and thinking ‘what have I done, I’m not going to be able to do this’ but the next week I booked and went 4 times, and then I was hooked, I’ve gone from maybe going to the Leisure Centre once or twice a week and not enjoying it to going to Barbaric 4/5/6 times a week and missing it the days I don’t. it’s an addiction now!

I’ve gone from someone who certainly wouldn’t want to try anything I might not be able to do, like climb a rope! To competing twice since joining in August 2017 and now joining the CrossFit Open! It all just makes you want to try harder and reach the goals you’ve set yourself. You definitely become competitive, but against yourself, and you are encouraged by everyone there. You are never pushed or made to do anything you don’t want to either, you are still guaranteed an awesome workout even if you scaled every movement!

Simon, Joel and Tom are the best coaches you could wish for, you basically have the best personal trainers at your disposal as the classes are kept small enough so they can coach you properly, they help you, push you and encourage you to where you want to be. The coaches and the members make this place, you’ll have so many new friends before you know it! #crossfitfriends #crossfitcommunity

Oh, and you’ll end up being pretty toned and fit too! Bonus! Does come with an added love of Pizza though. I’d recommend anyone to join, you won’t regret it!