Matthew Addison

Just coming to the end of my first months trial. Have now signed up for the next 12 months. I knew I would after the first session.  This is not a gym. It’s SO much more than that. It’s hard to explain. I’m a pretty lazy guy but I’ve been to Crossfit more times in Jan then my former gym in the whole of last year. There’s a lot of reasons for this.

The main one is the staff. They are awesome. So attentive it’s untrue.

The classes are capped number wise so it’s like having a personal trainer. Or 15 personal trainers as the members are amazing and the level of camaraderie is mad. Everyone is in it together.

I said to Simon the manager, it’s more like a hobby then a gym. You actually look forward to training. Who’d have thought it!
The classes are always varied, challenging and fun. They can also be scaled down (Or up -good luck with that!) For anyone of any level of competence. If you’re thinking of joining, try it. You will never look back. I haven’t.