Simon Chapman

Crossfit Barbaric is changing my life. For a long time I had lifted weights, but never really felt like I was getting fitter or stronger or more skilled. I would turn up to the gym, workout on my own and leave without ever speaking to anyone. Good day or bad day, no support, no advice, no motivation.

Barbaric changed all that. You can never experience it until you come; great coaches, amazing community and the best space to work out that I’ve ever seen. I love the early morning class at 5.45! Joel, Simon and Tom are brilliant, but so are the people you will work out with, don’t worry about not being able to do something, we’ve all been there! I honestly can’t encourage you enough to come along. Barbaric has humbled me, the WoD’s have knocked me down and built me up, and I’ve only been a member since November!