Claire Jackson

My crossfit journey started nearly two years ago.

Before crossfit I used to train at a boot camp but After a while I felt I needed something more challenging. A friend of mine suggested crossfit which I’d never heard of before. So I went down to crossfit Barbaric and attended their fundamental sessions to find out more.

From that moment I’ve never looked back. Crossfit is a high functioning varied workout which incorporates Barbell and gymnastics movements as well as strength programming in the form of weight lifting which I have grown to love.
The coach’s programs daily workouts and weight lifting sessions and all I have to do is turn up.

When I first started crossfit I struggled with the barbell and gymnastic movements  but the coaches were really supportive and patient they would demonstrate and coach me through it.

Crossfit Barbaric has not only helped me to get physically fit and stronger but it’s boosted my confidence so much so that it’s helped me With a complete career change.

Simon the head coach has been so supportive and encouraging his positivity and drive has seen me enter and take part in both solo and team competitions.

Being part of crossfit Barbaric has been a fantastic experience it’s not just a gym it’s a family a real community where everyone gets involved and supports one another.

Through crossfit I’ve met some fantastic people who I’m now proud to call my friends I love being able to train together & share A beer or two. Crossfit has been physically and mentally challenging but it’s taught me to never give up and to always try and if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.